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Your 1:1 Private Half-Day Healing Retreat In-Person with Akanksha


Gurugram, India

Our focus

is on

holistic healing

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True healing considers your entire being and not just a part of you

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Palo Santo Smudge Sticks and Healing Crystals

In this safe, sacred space, you give yourself permission to surrender to your inner wisdom. Feel seen, heard and held in your truest version. Come home to yourSELF where you meet all your parts with love & grace

Akanksha brings together

Mind / Body / Spiritual Health

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An overview of what your time at The Sanctum may look like

~ Tentative duration of your entire 1:1 journey is 4 to 5 hours ~

Welcome and Aura Cleansing

As you enter into this sacred space, your energy is cleansed as part of your welcome ritual

A Private Conversation and Emotion Release

A 1:1 conversation with Akanksha to dive deeper into your needs followed by her establishing an energetic connection with your subconscious and releasing trapped emotions stored in your body one-by-one

Cacao Ceremony and Crystal Healing

A yum, fresh, plant-based, 100% whole foods drink with ceremonial grade cacao is prepared, poured and consumed as we set our intentions for your healing journey. You then lie down in a heart opening & connecting pose and Akanksha places attuned crystals to balance and harmonize your chakras as you breathe gently

BodyWork, Breathwork and Reiki Energy Healing

We may move and do intuitive shaking together. Then you begin to breathe in a conscious connected breath to music, lying down, for an extended period of time. Akanksha tunes into where energy may be stuck in your body, does energy clearings and healing. This is a deeply detoxifying experience on a physical, emotional and spiritual plane

Journaling, Integration and Grounding

After this transformative experience, you may be asked to journal privately. Integration happens as you share your breathwork experience with Akanksha. Grounding your body back to the space is done through a small hands-on activity, a nourishing drink and snack

Gifts and Goodbyes

A special, Reiki Energy blessed gift is offered as a celebration and symbol of your commitment to showing up for yourself in this special and powerful way :)



Akanksha Redhu is a Trauma-Informed Breathwork and Spiritual Coach and Energy Healer.

While navigating through the darkness and uncertainity of a divorce that concluded 12 years of marriage, Akanksha had a spiritual awakening that completely transformed her life and her essence as she knew it.

She was able to heal the trauma of sexual abuse that she carried from her childhood and uncover her deepest patterns and beliefs.

With potent healing practices like breathwork, Reiki healing, emotion release, personal development and more, she was able to pivot, start afresh, discover her soul’s calling and experience freedom and peace in a way she didn’t know existed.

She now thrives, flows in her purpose, embodies her joy and lives her dream life everyday.

It is her deepest calling to empower women to heal and live in their fullest, most authentic expression, release stuck and unprocessed emotions and trauma, regulate their nervous system and expand their capacity to receive and hold more abundance and a better quality of human experience for themselves.

She is a certified, trauma-informed breathwork facilitator and has trained for 8 months with The Alchemy Of Breath

She is also Reiki Level II attuned

What Akanksha’s clients have to say

Having struggled with jaw stiffness, vertigo, and sleep issues for years, I was always looking for something that would help ease some of the strain and stiffness. Through the session and in the days that followed, I found myself releasing tension I didn't even realize I was holding. I slept better, woke up more refreshed and felt a noticeable difference in my jaw and a reduction in headaches in the weeks that followed. I am looking forward to doing this more regularly.

Akanksha’s intuitive approach to breathwork goes beyond just relaxation; it's a journey that nurtures the mind, body, and spirit. I'm grateful to have found such a compassionate guide and I wholeheartedly recommend her sessions to anyone looking to benefit from breath work

~ Jia Singh

That session blew my mind. Still get goosebumps thinking of how authentic the experience was. There was a point in the session where I literally felt my body release a lot of toxins and energy and I could feel the heat oozing out from my pores. I have never felt closer to my own self as much as I did in that session. I loved everything about the experience and how great it made me feel. I intend to make this a regular part of my life and definitely recommend it to everyone.

~ Dhriti Kapur

The true beauty of this session was the release I experienced. With each breath I felt layers of emotional weight lifting off my shoulders. It allowed me to surrender to the flow of emotions, releasing them with each exhalation and leaving me with a sense of lightness and renewal.

~ Tushar

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